Welcome to Clutter Transformations,

Hi, I am Lyn Santina, the founder of Clutter Transformations.  Our mission is to provide organizing solutions for individuals, homes and the small business owners, who want to get organized and stay organized in order to live a healthier lifestyle...everyday.

Growing-up, I always enjoyed reorganizing my bedroom regularly in order to  make efficient use of my small room and closet space.  My passion for "everything in its place" complimented my decision to become a registered nurse.  After several years working in various careers, I combined my medical, management and educator skills into becoming a high school career-counselor.  I was very successful in assisting teenagers to organize personal portfolios for college, job searches and how to excel using time management skills.

While finishing my Masters Degree in Psychology, a dear friend and professional organizer in New York, came to visit me in San Diego.  As we discussed my past career experiences, we both had a catharsis.  My innate need to be organized, my nurturing skills from nursing, and my career counseling experience are all attributes of a professional organizer.
As a mother, working Mom, wife, a friend, sister and daughter, I know firsthand that life can quickly become overwhelming with clutter.  We understand that crises arise for both children and adults that both are out of your own control and result in added stressors.  Clutter Transformations will help you remove those added stressors so that you can focus on your important priorities.
Here at Clutter Transformations, we help you achieve a better understanding   as to the HOW and WHY of managing clutter, therefore helping you make your own transformation.  Together, we will bring a sense of balance into your everyday life.

   Lyn Santina

    Registered Nurse
    Masters of Psychology
    NAPO Board Member
    Professional Organizer

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