What is your Organizing Quotient?

Find your O.Q. by giving yourself 1 point for each "Yes"

1.  Do you often miss important appointments, events or deadlines?

2.  Does every horizontal surface invite a pile of something?

3.  Do you avoid inviting people into your home/office due to clutter?

4.  Do you have difficulty prioritizing or making decisions?

5.  Do you find yourself purchasing items that you know you already have
but just can't find?

6.  Do you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear?

7.  Is your computer and/or file cabinet crammed with info you don't use?

8.  Are your bills and bank statements mixed in with community notices, interesting articles, party invitations, catalogs, and magazines?

9.  When you replace an item, do you keep the old one "just in case"?

10.  Does your wallet or planner bulge with old notes, receipts, ATM slips, laundry tickets, parking tickets, Post-Its, clippings, and scrawled phone numbers with no name attached?

11.  Do you usually file an extension on your taxes because you can't find all the necessary statements, forms or receipts?

12.  Are thins still in boxes from last time you moved?

13.  Are you postponing doing something you'd really like to do because you don't  have time?

14.  Is being organized costing you time and money?