SOHO is the acronym for the Small Office or the Home Office in Professional Organizing terms.

Small business offices, consisting of usually 3 - 5 people and those who work from a home office need to manage their clutter and maintain an organized workspace. 

Efficiently organized files are paramount to a well-organized SOHO.  Clutter contributes to unproductive emotional distraction.  The more post-it notes, paper, or books lying around on your desk, the more likely you are to feel like "I should be working on this".   These items that contribute to the clutter needlessly pull at your energy. 

 Often, people feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting organized and don't know where to start - especially in an office.  At Clutter Transformations, Lyn and her team are ready to combat your clutter and be the opposition to your disorganization.  When we are finished with your small business office or home office, everything will have its own home and the space will serve to make your business more productive and efficient - its original purpose.


SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)